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Post  AidanFisher on Mon Mar 16, 2015 12:00 pm

Literacy has affected in many ways in many different situations throughout my life, and will continue to affect me as long as I may live. One way that it affects me is in politics. I was not able to read or write it would be extremely hard read documents or be able to understand articles and sections about politics. Literacy has also affected me in my ability to pick books or reading material that I actually like. Because if I was illiterate, I would not be able to get the satisfaction out of reading something that I would enjoy, because I would not be able to comprehend or understand the story or plot of the book. Finally and very obviously literacy has affected me in my school. If I was not able to read or write during school, it would be a nightmare to go through. I would not be able to analyze or interpret anything which would have been horrible.


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