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Post  AidanFisher on Sun Feb 01, 2015 6:02 pm

The definition of kairos is when the moment is right to be able to complete a task. With the world as modern as it is today, the concern with blogs and posts and things like that are deciding whether or not something is inappropriate or appropriate. Being a 19 year old and also using social media everyday this is what i consider a growing problem. When people post things online they forget that once you do, and if it is inappropriate or bad it stays on there forever and anyone can see it. Anyone from your family to when your trying to get a job and this can cause serious problems later in life. I believe that the importance of voyeurism has to do with the importance of knowing whether or not something that you see or read is real or fake. Just because there is stuff online about literally everything does not mean its correct.
1. Is there a concern between web blogs becoming more present with the popularity of social media and internet?
2. how are kairos and voyeurism related?
3. Why does the article bring up the bill clinton and monika lewinksy scandal?


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