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Post  AidanFisher on Mon Feb 09, 2015 10:40 pm

The comic that I chose to write and discuss about was one that is quit funny, in kind of a childish type of way. The comic was intended to be kind of a dumb humor. For example, the comic starts with a little kid on top of fridge and a mother comes downstairs and say, "jimmy get down from there." The kid then responds by saying,"But mom the floor is made of lava." Then the next part is a drawing of the mom slowing burning, because haha of course the floor is actually made of lava. The mother then stats, "I'm so sick of your childish games," while he is burning away.
After further review and observation of the comic I would say that this comic is intended for children from the ages of about 6-12. I say this because this is the age of most boys where they think jokes like these are still funny and humerus. The website that I found this comic on is generally pretty graphic yet funny types of humor. Some are very stupid while on the other hand are very straight to the point and can be sexist and racist. However with this being said I believe from personal experience and for boys in this generation that a comic like this would be funny and entertaining for younger to early teenagers.
The way that boys communicate and the way that they think is quit different from other types of children during this age. They tend to value stupid yet kind of violent types of things during this age, and I think that this comic along with some of the other comics on the website do a great job of attracting that demographic. Because when something is funny boys especially will always enjoy it. The writer does a great job of balancing out too much series humor with just enough to portray towards the young minds of boys. The writer clearly knows how to attract these kids and I believe will continue to make young boys for many generations laugh at comics similar to this one.


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