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Post  AidanFisher on Fri Feb 20, 2015 1:26 am

After watching this video, I noticed that the politicians who were asking Mr. Obama questions stated a lot about the changes Obama had made while in congress. This includes what policies he has changed and revised, along with how much the spending has increased, as well as bring up topics regarding some of Obama's policies and plans and what in the end he decided on doing. One thing that I noticed was how the politicians brought up how some of Obama's plans have failed and how the republicans have better ideas that can fix it. What the politicians fail to bring up is what some of policies that Obama has gotten to work. The republicans aim to please the republican party, which is what they wanted to do because they are republicans. The republicans use pathos to use emotion in their questions to Obama to help improve their points and make them look more powerful. Also a lot of speakers use data and facts, which is therefore ethos. Also some politicians use facts to show what Obama has made and what he promises to do that he hasn't quite had the time to get too, and therefore change their points.


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