rhetorical situation and analysis

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rhetorical situation and analysis Empty rhetorical situation and analysis

Post  Ruoyu Shi on Tue Aug 27, 2013 9:08 pm

Rhetorical situation is the situation in which you write.who is your readers, why you want to write down these contents, which way you will use to express your idea and where will you publish your writing. all of these question will influnce your writing. for example. if the readers are students, writers may use understandable words in their writing. but if readers are all scholars, they may use more specialized vocabularies to instead. when you start to think the relationships between writer, reader, text and medium and to consider what is your porpose for writing. we call it rhetorical analysis.
When I write online, I always express myself on pathos way. In fact, I appeal most to logos when wrinting essay or papers. so I don't think I must keep logos forever. I want my friends or readers know a more emotional me through the internet.

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