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Post  g-money573 on Fri Sep 05, 2014 2:31 pm

Every piece of writing has a purpose; we can examine this more closely by looking at the rhetorical situation. Recognizing your audience, medium, and purpose of your writing is very important when attempting to communicate an idea effectively. All of these factors are included in your rhetorical situation. Rhetorical analysis requires you to analyze the writer’s knowledge and use of their rhetorical situation and whether or not he did an effective job of writing given the situation. Rhetorical situations form the basis of our writings and must be acknowledged before you are able to address an audience effectively. Rhetorical analysis is a judgment or analysis of the writers effectiveness when assessing their rhetorical situation and how the writer responded to it in his writings.
Writer’s online mostly appeal to their readers using pathos or ethos, and depending on their objectives, may also appeal to logos. The Internet generally cannot be trusted, so a writer online may wish to appeal to ethos to gain their readers trust. I have also observed many Internet writing appealing to pathos, sparking our emotions and thoughts. There are many heart-wrenching stories on the Internet that are designed to delve deep into our emotions, these writing entertain us but may lack hard facts or information. Logos is mostly used in journalistic articles on the Internet; these are for the purpose of information rather than entertainment.


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