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Post  kelly1994 on Thu May 14, 2015 6:15 pm

Yikun Cheng wrote:Which is the key factor for Lincoln guided the Northern army to win the Civil War?

From the paper of Elizabeth Ridlington, we could find that Lincoln not only responded to public but also shaped public opinion. And at the end of the paper, Elizabeth said “this was always part of a larger effort to shape public opinion and to ensure Union victory”. This suggests the way Lincoln did may be the key factor for Northern army to win the war.

Can dwarf snapdragon be cultivated to change the environment of the desert?

From the paper of Tara, she said “The distribution of this species has been limited almost exclusively to the cinder ballast of railroad tracks, a harsh environment characterized by intense sunlight and poor soil water retention”. This means it may can adapt to arid environment.
interesting view! i like how you see things!

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