Chapter 3: Reading Response

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Chapter 3: Reading Response Empty Chapter 3: Reading Response

Post  JohnJac on Thu Sep 04, 2014 9:27 pm

As a writer, you have to know what you are writing about, who you are writing to, and how you want to convey that information. All good writers must evaluate their rhetorical situation. Rhetorical situation is asking yourself questions as to what kind of approach you should take when connecting with your readers. This brings up the four components to laying the foundation for your work. The first is Writing, which is why you want to write what you are writing and what your are hoping to accomplish by doing this. Next is Reader, which is knowing who your intended audience is and what emotions do you wish to evoke. Then you have Text. In text, you basically have to understand what genre of writing you are using. Some genres give you a little more flexibility and freedom to make your claims and statements. Finally you have Medium. The medium is about what type of format you wish to display your work on. Whether it is a formal or informal writing, your options vary. Different mediums are used for different tones. Rhetorical Analysis is how the writer uses his/her tools and techniques to make an argument or claim.

In the online writing world, there are many people that feel like what they have to say is important. Many people state their opinions on various topics and want others to consider that what they are saying is relevant. I think I appeal most to ethos when I write online. I want the reader to understand and respect my opinion on whatever it is I am writing about. This goes for me when I am the reader online. When I read something, I want to know that what I am reading is from a credible source I know I can trust.


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