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Post  captain eric on Mon May 04, 2015 1:54 pm

For your final presentation, your task is to take an element/idea/argument for one of your papers and recreate it in a digital medium. The project should span about five minutes if audio or video or should be able to be skimmed or read quickly in about seven minutes. While this is intended to be a 'fun' final, it will be graded. So, when thinking about the quality of your final piece be sure to remember:
1. Your project does not have to cover any complete paper, but it's argument, presentation, or explanation should be well thought out.
2. The medium you choose will help define how your project plays out. Prezi for instance is good at teaching, using other mediums within it, and can be organizationally/spatially complex while a video is good at showing and helping the viewer experience an event/discussion. And so on.
3. Your project will naturally diverge from your paper in some ways. That's okay. Doing an interview, creating a pastiche, impersonating historical figures, etc. will necessarily cast your idea in a different light.

Once you've completed your project, please post a web link (not a document) along with a short sentence-or-three description of your project.

Please email me if you have any other questions.

Here are some links to sites that you can use if you've not set up your presentation yet:
For video and image hosting:

For image hosting:

For blogging: (also known as blogspot)

Sites to consider:

You can of course use other websites. These are just some readily available and easily usable sites.

Here are examples. I'll add as I find examples for us:  (read the message below for context)
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