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Post  AidanFisher on Mon Mar 09, 2015 12:50 am

1) Gee's definition of literacy was quite confusing and complex. Gee explained the word by explaining and showing how he's a linguist. He used the word discourse throughout the whole explanation and this is where I got confused, because instead of just speaking of literacy he would use these two things to try to explain it. He explained how he was trained to be a linguist. Literacy is important for use of language and communication between people, therefore if you are illiterate you cannot understand ones language and use it when writing and speaking.

2) I wouldn't say this reading has changed my understanding of literacy. It has however given me another understanding of the term. Literacy is something that is extremely hard to define in general, therefore I see literacy as being able to read and interpret a writing or the way that someone is speaking to you.


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