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Post  tranaechatman on Mon Feb 09, 2015 12:41 am

The blog, 4 The Love of Teaching, features several posts about one teacher’s day to day life as an elementary school teacher. Her posts mainly consists of the supplies she uses in her classroom, the activities she does with her kids, and small tidbits about her personal life. It is written in a diary type fashion and is organized in a simple and classic blog form; you click on a specific month or year and all blog posts are listed chronologically, from most recent to oldest. The writer makes it a point to always incorporate pictures from her class along with the student’s work. “On Monday we read the book “Prancer” as a read aloud,” the writer says. “Students took notes about the book to compare to the movie, which we watched the following day.” On this specific day, she featured pictures of the cover page of the book and various snapshots from her student’s work. She also has special features that she does occasionally such as “A Peek at my Week” and “Take Me Back Tuesdays”.
The ideal audience for this blog would most likely be other elementary teachers who are interested in learning new things to incorporate into their own classroom. This blog could also give future teachers insight into the daily life of an elementary school teacher. Since the blog also features so much about the personal life of the writer, the blog could also be intended for friends or family close to her. Overall, this blog is intended to showcase one teacher’s adventures and to inform an audience of new teachers or soon to be teachers.
The audience in 4 The Love of Teaching is typically other teachers. The comments are presented at the end of each post and are connected through Facebook, so you can see the commenter’s picture and full name. They empathize, mourn, and celebrate with the writer through her various moods. For example, when the teacher announced that she would be moving to Georgia and finding a new job, the comments were full of congratulatory comments and best of wishes. The audience also comments on suggestions they have and share what they do in their classrooms. The audience also features many college students who adore the writer and hope to be like her. They also share what they like and what they hope to see in the future in their own classrooms. However, the writer rarely interacts with her audience. It is also rare that the commenters interact with each other.
The writer typically responds to the audience as a group in her next post; she often says things like “I noticed how many people wanted to see…” or “thank you guys for…” Because of this, there are not a lot of comments on every post. In fact, many posts don’t have any comments at all; the most comments I observed on a single post was around 10. This creates a non-personal, distant relationship between the audience and the writer. This may have contributed to the declining popularity of the blog; the blog was the most popular in 2013, featuring around 200 posts, whereas in 2014 the writer only posted around 80. The distant relationship between the writer and the audience may have left both parties bored.


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