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Post  jackfries6 on Sun Feb 08, 2015 10:18 pm

For my paper I chose the blog Stars and Stripes FC, a blog about the United States Men's National soccer team. In this blog the author posts stories related to the team's games, news, players, prospects, and other team related stories. Some articles are more factual and about delivering news like one post titled "Bedoya signs new contract with FC Nantes", and others are more opinionated and subjective like the post "Don't bet on Tim Howard re-joining MLS". Others are just for interesting reads for fans rather than an informative or news based blogs like "Steve Nash is hanging out at USMNT practice".
The ideal audience targeted for this blog die-hard American soccer fans. International soccer only has big tournaments a handful of times within the four years in between world cups, so the blog, which is updated frequently is intended for mainly die-hard fans who would still care about the team even when they aren't in major tournaments. More specifically, the blog targets a group called the American Outlaws. The American Outlaws are a group that travel around the country to see the the team play whenever they are in the States.
The American Outlaws pride themselves in being the most committed fans to the team. When they travel to games, they fill out a full section, wave their red, white and blue American Outlaw flags and lead their own chants. They communicate through different technological ways like online forums, discussion boards and social media outlets. These fans value not only the United States Men's national team, but also the community they created and camaraderie that comes with it.
The blog appeals to the audience by using red,white and blue colors and creating its own American themed logo. Also the author writes at a high level of team knowledge, assuming that the readers know all of the players, teams and coaches that they refer to. It is clear through the content of the writing that the targeted audience is fans of the team that know quite a bit about the team and the sport.


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