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Post  QuentinFair on Fri Jan 30, 2015 3:57 pm

A Rhetorical Situation is anytime a writer is deciding how to write in order to appropriately reach their audience. Most often people make decisions on this without even noticing but at the most basic level they make the decision based on the writer, reader, text and medium. These four elements make up rhetorical analysis and are what guides any piece of writing whether its a text to your mom or a biology textbook. Earlier in class I wondered how someone could write a comic strip that would appeal to a deeper level and do more than just tell elementary jokes and after reading this piece on analyzing rhetorical situations I can start to make sense of how that is possible if you pay close attention to each one of those elements.

When posting online I believe I appeal most to Pathos because I am the writer trying to connect to my followers who are the readers in order to produce some type of emotional or personal response. I also see how elements of Logos would be present because I don’t believe my followers would care for what I would have to say without following some type of logic or reason.


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