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Post  captain eric on Fri Jan 23, 2015 12:04 pm

Paper 1 Prompt

For this paper, you will study a blog or web-comic and its community.

You will first choose either a web-comic or a blog and find its community. Then, your task will be to assess the messages and ideas put forth in your comic or blog. While there are many topics and ideas a comic or blog's author may bring up, you as the researcher should try to understand the rhetorical space the author is working in (and creating!) in order to deliver his or her message. This means, you as the researcher should analyze how the author is structuring the comic or blog and the content.

In addition to analyzing the rhetorical situation, you should can look to the community to understand how the comic or blog is received by its readers. You may ask what the readers seem to care about or talk about. What sorts of people seem to be interested in the comic or blog? Do they interact with the author? How? These kinds of questions can help to better understand how readers respond to the author's message.

A paper that wishes to study a comic or blog and its community should likely include an analysis of the language choices used by the comic/blog, a claim as to what sorts of messages and/or arguments the site is making use of, a hypothesis or claim as to what types of readers would be interested, a thoughtful analysis of the readership and its communication, and any other information you find novel or interesting that you find along the way!

The paper should be four to five pages double spaced with 12 point Times New Roman font, and should have one inch margins. I expect you to be able to make a claim about what kind of people are speaking in these communities (using markers such as age, profession, interest, etc.). I also expect you to be able to make a claim about why these people would be interested in the blog/comic that you've chosen. You will use not only our discussions in class, but your own curiosity and opinions to tie together the blog/comic and a community of potential readers. For this paper I am less worried about you being absolutely correct, so don’t feel like you have to be absolutely certain of your claims. I am more interested in your argument, your critical analysis and how you have gone about your research.

Remember: I am not interested in you passing judgment on what you don’t like about either the community or the comic/blog. I simply want you to assess their ties.
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