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Post  kevin Assoian on Mon Feb 09, 2015 2:08 pm

My blog is about teams in the SEC and it presents itself as choosing the SEC as the better conference. It takes a look back a few weeks ago to bowl season and how the SEC teams did in their bowl games. It has pictures and scores of the bowl games and describes how each team did in their respected games. It also talks about how the SEC used to be the best conference and now is falling and needs to et back on top.

The ideal audience for this blog is SEC fans, students and alumni. Everyone down south knows football is everything and they want the Sec to once again be known as the dominant conference. To make a broader audience I would just say football fans in general, specifically college football fans.

The audience this blog attracts is definitely big football fans. They value fats and the truth in the blogs they read and they want to know that the SEC is still going to be the best conference. The website title say “ the best sports fans in the world.” Speaking of the Sec fans that read their blogs. After looking around at all the blogs they are all in the perspective of SEC fans and only say good things about the conference as a whole.

To work with the audience this blog has attracted they speak only good things of the SEC. SEC fans have a lot of pride in their conference as being the best in the nation and they love reading anything that backs that up. It states very bias opinion about the conference and that exactly hat the target audience wants to hear. Being that the Sec is awful at basketball, they need to know that Sec football is the best.

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