Analyzing Rhetorical Situation

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Post  kelly1994 on Thu May 14, 2015 6:28 pm

milan_chen wrote:
Ziqi Xiao wrote:1. When i was young, i always wrote wrong name on the front of my book. My classmates were laughing at me, and i felt so embarrassed. I remember that when i was sad because of classmates' laughing, my teacher were so kind with me. She help me how to write my name patiently, and i was learned many knowledge from her. About one weeks past, i knew how to writing correctly and my teacher were proud of me.

2. My father is a reading and writing lover, so he enjoys going to library so much times one week. Because of him, i am willing to go to library also to improve my reading and writing skills. I am attracted by the plenty of books.

3. I love my bathroom. It is not only my bathroom for relaxing, but also a studying room for my to reading and writing. It is not a big room, but i really like to writing and reading something in this small room. I can image lots of things above the books that i read. That feel is wonderful.
as for your third story, i think it must be a unique experience lol
at least i don't have that kind of experience!

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