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Post  JohnOC on Mon Nov 17, 2014 4:12 pm

John O’Connor

Title: How and why is deep sea exploration beneficial to society?

Thesis: Although it may not seem like it, unlocking the mysteries of deep-sea ecosystems can reveal new sources for medical drugs, food, energy resources, and other products. The deep sea helps many people of many different professions to help understand their field.

1: Introduction
A: Basic points on why its important
B: Professions it helps
C: Lay down 5% has been discovered
D: Lots of undiscovered life
E: Basic deep sea exploration helps us understand climate change
F: deep sea exploration is about discovering the unusual and unknown

2: Its about expanding our horizons in order to better understand our Earth and answer questions we would never have thought to ask.
A: Crazy life forms in the deep
B: understanding other planets
C: Can gain lots of knowledge about earth and Life

3: Exploration leads to technological advances and engineering innovation as we strive to meet new challenges
A: Deep sea pressure
B: James Cameron Mariana Trench
C: Examples of deep sea submersibles and why they were significant on their first dive

4: It makes your nation great, just like the moon, the deepest points of the ocean are a feat to achieve.
A: Submersibles=Spaceships
B: Simply because we have not been there before and no one know what lies there.
C: Driven to get there because of the rise of a challenge presented

5: The deep sea can open secrets to Medical Drugs and new human food.
A: Deep ecosystems contain new species that have potential for medical drug use
B: Also, these species can be used as human food

6: Conclusion
A: Sum up points of every paragraph
B: reiterate top reasons for exploration and refer to thesis with conclusion sentence


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