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Post  danbo on Wed Nov 05, 2014 2:34 pm

The article written by Timothy S. Brophy talks about trying to teach a music based discourse and also how to read notes and compose. He talks about reasons as to why it is beneficial to be musically literate and how using music can help to educate kids and keep kids minds creating new things. Brophy talks about how teaching music is difficult since we are in contact with letters and numbers on a daily basis but when it comes to music notes they are completely foreign to most. Mastering the skill to read music also allows you to use a new vernacular that helps one to describe music and comprehend it in a more critical way.

This article is useful since it talks about learning music from a young age as I assume most of the people in my literacy story had. I on the other hand I am one of the people Brophy talks about when he says music talk and reading music notes is completely foreign to some. Also it will allow me to incorporate what music literacy does for the mind and how being musically literate is beneficial in more ways than holding a conversation with a musician.


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