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Post  captain eric on Wed Oct 29, 2014 9:25 am

For your revised paper, you will be responding to your literacy story using Gee and Ong to assess how literacy issues are at work in your literacy story.  This means, your literacy story, as a part of this new paper, will be couched within a discussion of these literacy issues.  You will be using concepts that Gee and Ong provide, alongside your own personal assessment of your story to come to better understand the instance your story focuses on as well as the background of your personal story.

In total, this should be at least five pages, with at least two dedicated to discussing specific elements of Gee and Ong's theories as relating to your story.

Elements to consider including:
* An analysis of the discourse at hand, and how the community it represents functions
* A statement on the appropriateness of Ong or Gee (as you may find one or the other less useful to your analysis - which is okay)
* A consideration of how you developed in respect to the discourse
* Factors you believe made literacy easier or more difficult for you
* Your own opinions, to explain any factors you think using Ong or Gee may have not covered
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