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Post  DrewLipp on Thu Oct 16, 2014 7:52 pm

I was at Coach Coopers facility, a steel barn in excelsior springs Missouri. Coach Coopers facility was surrounded by rustic barns and is in the middle of know where. But, when you walk in you are in a whole new element. As you walk in you notice the rubbery black runway leading to a Olympic sized pole vaulting pit. Then you look to your left and right and notice the hundreds of every size and color of vaulting pole. This is where I practiced when I was really trying to better myself.
It was at the end of practice and I was beginning to get very tired but coach cooper said that my form was looking very good. So, I went for a few more vaults. On my last go, I planted the pole perfectly and had great form. I had forgot one of the most important things to vault after all. I planted the pole perfectly but forgot to jump causing the pole to rip me off the ground. When this happens you bend the pole past what is safe.
At first I didn’t notice it. But after I inverted my body on the pole I realized it wasn’t going to un bend. I was upside down hovering 10 feet off of the ground and the metal box that you plant the pole in was directly underneath me. I gained my bearings and was ready to let go and crash but to my surprise the pole into 3 pieces. I ended up in the pit with the short part of the pole still in my hand.
I had no idea what had happened at first. It sounded like a gun went off and felt like George forman hit me in the back with a hallow wooden baseball bat as hard as he could. When the pole broke i thought I was going to fall into the box but the bottom half of the pole unbent on my back and flung me into the pit “safely”. I ended up walking away with a broken trophy and a hot dog sized welt under my skin on my back.


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