Prewriting Assignment #1

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Prewriting Assignment #1 Empty Prewriting Assignment #1

Post  JohnOC on Wed Sep 17, 2014 3:02 pm

My blog is presented very professionally. The Life Lines blog is sponsored by the American Physiological Association so that can help show that the blog is professionally presented. Most of the posts in this blog are opinion free and involve proven scientific facts. To make sure the reader knows they are proven, he usually incorporates videos or pictures into his posts. Which is one reason I find this blog very cool.
This blog would be very appealing to a lot of people. Anyone interested in animals and new discoveries would enjoy this blog. It is very interesting to learn about wild stories of animals and pets. For instance, the latest post is about how a couple in Australia who loved their goldfish so much they payed hundreds of dollars to have a tumor removed so it would continue to live. Last week, one post talked about the new discovery of the biggest dinosaur ever discovered. Half alligator half duck with a huge spiked spine down its back. These stories, as one can see, would appeal to anyone. Its a very interesting blog.
This very broad audience would have to have somewhat of an interest in biology, physiology, or just the animal world in general. They probably communicate for the most part through the internet. Pet owners are also a big part of this blog. People who own pets may meet each other through their pets. For example, when two people take their dogs on a walk, they may meet that way. This blog is way too interesting to pinpoint a specific group of people. Almost anyone would find it very cool to read this blog.
This blog works with the audience because it has regular posts about what the audience wants to here. Dr. Doolittle, the anonymous name of the writer of this blog, stays very consistent in his posts. He has posted on this blog since August of 2010, this shows the writer is committed and wants to bring a top notch blog. This really works with a group of people who like to hear about the natural world and want to stay up to date.


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