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Pre-writing assignment #1 Empty Pre-writing assignment #1

Post  Benjamen Lemus on Wed Sep 17, 2014 1:44 pm

Penny Arcade

Penny Arcade is an online-based comic, which presents itself in usually about three slides, usually. There is a website on which this comic is published daily and it is shown with two other comics written by the same author. The website itself is VERY animated and user friendly. Much of the animation on the website shows the same type of artwork that you see in the comics so Iā€™m guessing the artist who writes the comics, did the website as well.

This comic is directed towards an audience who is interested in video games and the video game industry. An example which supports this is when in one of the comics, one if the character says, ā€œCan you believe Notch is gonna sell Minecraft to MS?ā€. This demonstrates that this comic is for video game aficionados and people who are into game-tech stuff.

The audience of penny arcade seems to be literate and actually educated in what they talk about. This is surprising because I have seen in other comic comments, that people usually fight in the comic section. This is bizarre because in the penny arcade comment, the users are respectful to one another and they seem to be educated on what they talk about. Again, they do talk about techy stuff and video games but they do show a broader knowledge about the topic.

Penny arcade is great in the field of working with its audience. The website itself is very important because it seems as if the people who are on it, follow this on the daily. Many of the users talk about previous episodes of the comic and it makes the community of the comic a whole lot better. Users are also able to quote each other and continue a creative conversation with one another.

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