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Post  lmtiefenbrunn on Mon Sep 15, 2014 9:44 am


This blog represents itself by talking about the meaning of true beauty. It isn’t the way I look or dress or the way others view me. Self image is a struggle daily for both men and women. What we do not realize is that God made us perfectly in his image. “I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.” This blog really pinpoints the fact that we need to turn to the creator who made us and look to him for fulfillment. Things on this earth will never give us the same fulfillment that He can. “He must increase and we must decrease.” This verse means that we must make him bigger in our lives and that everything else will fall into place.

The target audience of this blog is women of all ages. However, it is suitable for both men and women. “If we as women want to have the confidence that we are always seeking and overcome self-esteem issues, then we need to turn our focus onto the man who thought we were worthy enough to die for before we were even born.” This statement shows that the writer is talking about women as a whole. The word beautiful is used repetitively throughout the reading. Generally, beautiful is a word used to describe women in the physical sense. In this blog it talks about a room full of women and how they feel and their insecurities. It is easier for women to relate with other women on the same topics. All of these different examples represent that the text is geared more towards women.

This particular blog does not have comments underneath of the blog. They do have many other blogs on their website that have other comments written. I believe the audience of the blog is mainly women. Women that are looking for answers in a biblical way. The audience communicates by telling the blogger how much the blog benefited them and how it affected their lives. I believe the audience is a group of positive encouraging women who sometimes need answers and are trying to develop a closer relationship with God. I personally like reading these devotionals and blogs because they are uplifting and pinpoint certain bible verses that are encouraging.

The webcomic works with its audience by being vulnerable and sharing real life experiences. They talk about all of the awesome ways that God is constantly working in their lives as well as others. People often feel sometimes that they are not enough and cannot measure up to a certain standard. These blogs really confirm the true purpose of life and the plan God has for you. I believe the blog works with its audience by consistently being uplifting and positive. This definitely makes the readers want to come back and read more.


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