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Obama Q&A response Empty Obama Q&A response

Post  Benjamen Lemus on Fri Sep 12, 2014 3:39 pm

In this Q&A, president Obama was questioned quite thoroughly by republicans. Now this whole presentation/questionnaire had a hostile tone the entire time. Many of the times, the republicans would ask questions and successfully back up their arguments however they would leave information out that could very easily and potentially shut down their argument. Thier efforts were very successful in and audience point of view, however most of the time, Obama spent his time trying to explain all the parts of the situation as opposed to trying to answer the question. I feel like this was a very important part of Obama's efforts because Obama wanted to make sure that anyone who was watching, would be able to see that he was explaining the whole problem and make them see all parts of the argument. I did notice that Obama spoke in a very strong and stern tone. It seems as if he is irritated by their questions however since he is the president, he can't be seen like that. Ethos was primarily used in this questionnaire. President Obama has the upper hand in this situation due to his very large amount of connections. It is obvious that Obama knows what he is talking about, therefore helping his argument overall.

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