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Reading Response Chapter 3 Empty Reading Response Chapter 3

Post  wyattwu on Sat Sep 06, 2014 3:11 am

When writing, there are many things to consider, but the main four are the writer, reading, text, and medium. These four elements are part of the rhetoric situation.  In a rhetoric situation, a person would constantly find ways to connect with their audience or readers.  The writer would find the reason and purpose of this topic he or she is writing and then figure out a way to engage the readers.  The readers, the intended audience, should appeal to the text and be able to draw them in and while getting the point across.  The text must be correctly defined and thorough enough so that the points given are supported and the paper is credible.  The medium is the way that this topic is portrayed throughout and the way that it will appeal to the specific audience the person is looking for.  The whole process is rhetorical analysis, the person must set goals in each category to use his or her tools to put across the statement.  

When writing online, I would appeal the most to pathos.  Pathos is basically appealing through emotions.  Emotions have the biggest effect on people, and a person is most vulnerable to persuasion through the right emotions conveyed.  Pathos can be conveyed through metaphors, or story-telling.  There are many different ways to represent pathos and specific ways to channel people's emotions to spread a message, idea or belief.  Emotions hit where the person is most susceptible to be engaged into other ideas and thought's because they can relate and bond with it.


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