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Post  Lmudd on Thu Sep 04, 2014 10:04 pm

Every writer has a motive to write something such as to persuade someone or just inform someone about a particular topic. In rhetorical situation you are asking yourself the questions such as, "Why am I writing this?" or "What do you want the reader to think when they are reading this?" There are four parts to rhetorical situation starting with the writer. They would be asking themselves what I really want to do with my writing such as being funny of informational. Then you have the reader. You would be asking yourself who is going to be my audience for my paper or how will they react. Third is the Text. You would be asking yourself what really needs to go into my paper. You could include straight facts or it could just be opinions. Last is the Medium. You could be asking yourself how I want to display my work.

When I write online I think I am mostly Ethos because I like to hear other people's opinion on what I have to say. That goes for when I am reading something online. Sometimes I like to give my feedback so they know what the audience is thinking. I like to hear the truth when I am posting something online that is my opinion.


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