rhetorical situation and analysis

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rhetorical situation and analysis Empty rhetorical situation and analysis

Post  bingwang on Wed Aug 28, 2013 1:12 am

In my opinion, "rhetorical situation" means the situation about the four elements when you writing.The four elements is writer, reader, text and medium."Rhetorical analysis" means the ability to analysis the four elements in "rhetorical situation" when you writing. Like you need to consider what you need to write as a writer and what reader want to read, what form you should use for the text and what kind of medium you should use.Both "rhetorical situation" and "rhetorical analysis" is important for good writing.
When I write online, I appeal most to pathos. I usually consider people's emotion when writing even sometimes it's not rational. I think my emotion and belief can get reader's sympathy and they are more likely to continue read.


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